The college is dedicated to promoting sports among its students and provides a diverse range of games to choose from, including Athletics, Basketball, Chess, Kho-Kho, Atya-Patya, Dodge ball, carom ,Throw ball and Volleyball. Among these sports, Volleyball holds a prestigious position within the college, with teams that have achieved success in intercollegiate and open tournaments.

The campus is equipped with dedicated basketball and volleyball courts, as well as other indoor and outdoor game facilities, ensuring students have ample opportunities to engage in physical activities and sports.

Nurture sporting talent and foster a sense of teamwork, physical education teachers play a crucial role in selecting and training teams. They emphasize not only individual skill development but also the importance of team building.

Through their guidance and expertise, students are encouraged to develop their athletic abilities, enhance their teamwork skills, and excel in their chosen sports. The college’s commitment to promoting sports creates an environment where students can thrive physically and personally, contributing to their overall development and well-being.

Physical Director

Mr. Rameshwar T. Harale

Mr. Rameshwar T. Harale


Working Experience - 12 years

Highlights - Olympic Wrestler Mr. Khashaba jadhav National Sports Award.

Paper published - International journal of Advanced and Applied Research journal.

Affiliation with sport and physical education bodies:

  • Joint secretary Pimpri -Chinchwad Sports and Physical Education Teachers Federation.
  • Working President of Rugby PCMC Association
  • President of Dodge ball PCMC Association.
  • Treasurer of Handball PCMC Association.
  • District Level Referee Handball Game
  • District Level Referee Rugby Game
  • State Level Referee Dodge ball Game

Sports Facility

  1. Volleyball Court
  2. Basketball Court
  3. Yoga Mats
  4. Chess And Carom Board
  5. Kabaddi And Kho –Kho


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