About Library


About Library

The Modern college of commerce and computer studies college library has started in 2017.
Collage Library is plays very crucial role in the academic enhancement of the Collage.

Since 2022, the library is automated with full version of Auto-Lib Integrated library management software Developed by Akash infotech pune with Web-OPAC. With help of Web OPAC Student can search library material within campus. It helps to fetch wide range of print and digital material .All the work related to issuing and returning of books is computerized.

Library provides online databases free and subscription bases and services. The library holds the more than 3000 textbooks and reference collection. We have subscribed subject wise journal and Newspaper.

Library has good infrastructure and easy access. It is located at 2 nd floor and easy access to any location of the college.

Objectives :

  1. To orient you about library collection, services, facilities, rules and disciplines.
  2. To give you training on how to access electronic resources subscribed by our library.
  3. To maximize utilization of library resources.

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