“Inspiring Innovation, Fostering Entrepreneurship”


To become an innovation and entrepreneurship hub, fostering creativity among its college community through startups, research, and industry collaboration, aiming to shape industries and inspire students.


Our mission is to encourage an innovative and entrepreneurial culture among college students to promote economic development, generate employment opportunities, and have a significant influence in our community.


1) Supporting Startups:-
Create a supportive atmosphere for student entrepreneurs, assisting them in building their business ideas into successful, long-lasting businesses.

2) Mentorship:-
Connect startups with experienced mentors and advisors who can guide them through the challenges of entrepreneurship.

3) Skill Enhancement:-
Enhancing abilities: Provide participants with tools, mentorship, and training programs to improve their technical and entrepreneurial abilities, preparing them for difficulties in the real world.

4) Business Incubation:
Helping entrepreneurs establish better business models, products, marketing strategies, and operational efficiency will enhance the probability of their success.

5) Entrepreneurial Education:
Offer workshops, seminars, and educational programs to promote entrepreneurship as a viable career path and to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among students.


Innovation and Incubation /ED Cell Working Committee
1 Prof. Dr. Sadashiv L. Shiragave Chairperson (Principal)
2 Asst. Prof. Dr. Prasanna Chavan Academic Coordinator/In Charge
3 Asst. Prof. Shrutika Khole In Charge
4 Asst. Prof. Varsha Khandagale In Charge
5 Asst. Prof. Ravikiran Kakade Teaching staff Member
6 Sonali Vyware (BBA) Student Representative
7 Krishna Adhav (B.Com) Student Representative
8 Hreday Raju (BBA CA) Student Representative


The Modern College of Commerce and Computer Studies, has established "NAVYA UTSAHA CLUB" in the academic year 2023–24. It is Virtual platform for Students. Under which Students are taught how to become an entrepreneur. Similar different- Different activities Conducted Under this Club.


Purpose of the NAVYA UTSAHA CLUB:

Would bring mentors to students that would guide them through various stages of entrepreneurship. The students of NAVYA UTSAHA CLUB would also participate in various intercollegiate activities to develop their business and strategic thinking skills.


  1. Entrepreneurship activity
  2. Skill Building
  3. Student Start- Up

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