Dr. Sadashiv Shirgave


On behalf of Progressive Education Society's Modern College of Commerce and Computer Studies, Nigdi, Pune I heartily welcome you all!

P. E. Society's MCCCS was founded with the vision,

"To provide excellent educational opportunities to the students to meet economic social and environmental challenges to become active participant in shaping the world of future we see."

The students admitted in the college come from different socio-economic background. They face different challenges. The college is focusing on training as well as industry interaction so as to impart knowledge and prepare competent employees as stated in the mission statement of our college.

The college has well planned academic schedule, curricular delivery and monitoring. This is reflected in examination results and placements. The college has initiated capacity building program to assist the students to rise to their fullest potential which is also one of our mission statements. The holistic development approach will help us in addressing challenges due to different socio-economic background of students and empower them.

As per the new University act, college development committee is constituted. Through Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Challenges (SWOC) analysis, we identified that the faculty is the strength of our college. Safety and security of girl students is considered at highest priority. With the support of faculty and students, we will strive for continuing women empowerment. Our focus is on imparting holistic Education, develop a community of scholars with talent and expertise that will participate in excellence and national development. I wish that our students will Come forward to learn, go forth to serve and excel into the world with great strength, not only to do job but to remain beautiful human beings.

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