Library Advisory committee


Library Advisory committee

The committee constitutes the smooth functioning of the Library. It comprises of principal as a chairperson librarian as a secretary and other faculty wise members.

1 Prof. Dr. Sadashiv L. Shiragave Chairperson (Principal)
2 Prof. Dr. Prasanna Chavan Academic Coordinator
3 Lib. Gangaram Mengal Secretary (Librarian)
4 Prof. Dr. Prasanna Chavan Teaching staff Member
5 Asst. Prof. Ravikiran Kakade Teaching staff Member(BCA)
6 Asst. Prof. Shrutika Khole Teaching staff Member (BBA)
7 Asst. Prof. Dhanwantari Narawade Teaching staff Member(
8 Mrs. Shubhangi Babar Admin staff Member(Non Tec)
9 Miss.Pratikha Kotikar Student Representative
10 Mr.Pranav Chavan Student Representative

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