Code of conduct

The codes of conduct for students have been classified as:

  1. Code of conduct in college premises
  2. Code of conduct in Library
  3. Code of conduct in classrooms and practical lab
  4. Code of conduct during examinations.


Code of conduct in college premises

  1. Students are required to wear their Identity card when they enter the college premises and produce it as and when asked for it.
  2. Students are required to be properly attired.
  3. Students are required to communicate in a decent and acceptable tone.
  4. Students are advised to exercise self restraint while using their mobiles.
  5. Students are required to enter and leave the college premises in a peaceful manner and avoid overcrowding or group gathering at all times and maintain discipline.
  6. Students should not use the lift. In case of differently abled students (Divyangajan), the Principal may sanction permission to use the lift based on the students request in writing addressed to Principal.
  7. Students are advised to activily participate in Co-curricular, extra-curricular activities for their holistic development.
  8. Students are advised to behave in a decent manner while in the college a premise as the entire premises is under CCTV surveillance.
  9. The college has constituted an Anti-ragging cell as per the directives of the university. Ragging is serious offence attracting disciplinary action.
  10. Students are required to read all notices displayed prominently on the website and in the college notice board.
  11. Students are required to maintain peaceful silence as they take the stairs and move towards their classrooms without creating any disturbance. Contribute and help maintain the positive conductive learning atmosphere of the college.
  12. Help to keep the college premises neat and clean.
  13. Do not use the college premises for any political activity like organizing proceion, conducting meeting without the prior permission of the authority.
  14. Consumption of intoxicants, smoking is strictly prohibited.


Code of conduct in Library

  1. Students are required to register themselves at the entrace desk.
  2. Students are required to comply with all the rules and regulations and follow the instructions given by the librarian/library staff from time to time access the internet facility made available to students after obtaining permission and as per instructions of library staff.
  3. Students are required to keep their mobile on slient mode while in library so as to not disturb the other library users.


Code of Conduct in classroom/ Practical lab

  1. Students are required to follow the class timetable and attend lectures/Practicals as per the time table. Students are required to be present in the classroom/ labs on time for the lecture/practicals.
  2. Students must note the minimum attendance required as per the university ordinance and ensure adequate attendance during academic year.
  3. Students are expected to submit all assignments and get their journlas/Projects/ Lab book certified by the teacher/Instructor in charge. And carefully listen and follow the instructions given by professors.
  4. In the clasroom, students are required to actively participate in discussions on topics of academic interest and attend all lectures.
  5. Save electricity by switching off fans and tubelights when not in use. While exiting the classroom, switch off all the fans and tublights and conserve electricity.
  6. Protect all college property from damage and all teaching aids, projectors, white boards fixed in certain classrooms are to be carefully handled by students.
  7. Discipline is to be maintained in the classroom in the absence of teacher in classroom. Do not disturb the other classes.
  8. Computers made available in computer lab are to be used for academic Purposes only.


Code of conduct during examinations

  1. The college has adopted zero tolerance towards unfair means and cheating in the examination.
  2. Students are required to refer to the examination time table and take the examination as per the schedule.
  3. Students are required to follow the instructions given by the supervisors/Senior supervisors during the examination.
  4. Students has to carry College I-Card and Hallticket during examination.

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